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Staff MacBook #4 - adapters, charging, etc

  A few key items about our new MacBooks. 1. They use a usb-c charging cable and brick. We will provide you with one for use. If you want to purchase one for home use, we recommend a less expensive brand, Anker. You can find these items on Amazon: Cord  and Charging Block 2. You will be provided with this adapter/docking station . This includes connections to VGA and HDMI to connect to a classroom projector, usb if you use a mouse or flash drive, ethernet. Please view this video with an overview of the adapter. 3. You will be provided ONE charging cable/brick and ONE adapter. If you lose or damage one you will need to replace this yourself. In unique situations where the product is broken during school use will we provide a replacement. We will provide some common space adapters to connect to projectors in common type spaces such as conference rooms, etc. 

Infinite Campus update - Teacher View

  Beginning July 6, all teacher views of Infinite Campus will change. Please take a moment to watch this video which will outline what those changes are.

When I leave the district - Using Google Takeout

  I actually took this picture myself at a lake my family visits each summer.. quite the sunset! Any who, this post is targeted at folks who are planning to leave the district , whether that be due to retirement or another opportunity.  When you leave our district, we suspend your Google account. This usually happens after our last teacher contract day or when we are notified of you leaving the district over the summer. When the account is suspended, other users will be able to access all shared documents with your account as normal. One year after the account is suspended, the account is then deleted. Then all documents will be deleted that the user owned. Other users will no longer be able to access those shared documents and they will be gone forever. Please make sure you move any needed content to a Shared Drive that your team will need in the future. Please see this POST on how to do that.  If you want to copy any or all of your "content" "see Google docs and email&