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News Flash!!

  As the end of the year 2020 draws ever closer, we in the tech department felt it necessary to deliver this breaking news. Adobe Flash player is reaching end-of-life December 31, 2020 Literally, it's news about something that will be breaking. Is this cause for panic? Y2K, delayed by twenty years?? Not at all! However, this may have some impact on the educational space and as such we felt it necessary to expound, educate, and elucidate somewhat on the matter. What is Flash, and why should I care? History lesson!  From the first youtube videos, to angry birds, to early online banking, flash has been a part of our lives since time immemorial... if time immemorial was, oh, say twenty years back. Adobe Flash was used as a software platform to create (at the time) innovative and interactive web experiences, from viewing flash animations and videos to playing Virtual Knee Surgeon or Dolphin Olympics 2: Fish Out of Water (You only wish I was making these names up) Chances are, if there w