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Classroom Technology

Thank you to the 193 teachers who have completed our District Standard Classroom Equipment Survey. I wanted to share some results of the survey, as well as talk through a few things about what is “standard district provided equipment” and what is “building provided”. RESULTS:  Currently, we'll be making sure that all classrooms have a projector. This is a tool that is vital across all buildings. As you can see, the remaining equipment is either not in a majority of classrooms nor used regularly by a majority of teachers.  We do understand how these other tools (document cameras, speakers, and amplification systems) can be helpful to teaching and learning. However, due to the need to begin to systematically replace several projectors, all document cameras, and speakers will need to be purchased or replaced out of building funds. We are working to begin a district wide replacement cycle of classroom projectors. We have begun planning and have identified severa