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Staff MacBook Email #2

All, A few weeks ago, I sent an email regarding our plan for upgrading all staff MacBooks this summer. I wanted to provide some further guidance and some steps you can begin to take to plan for this changeover.   1. As I shared earlier, we are not planning to install Microsoft Office of our staff devices, unless there is an instructional need. An example is our secondary math curriculum at Point and the HS requires that use. An application type process will be shared in the upcoming weeks with you for requesting this. In preparation for this change, we have created steps you can take to begin to move Microsoft Office files over to Google Drive. Here's directions on how to do that:    2. Many of you have shared how you currently use Mimio technology in your classrooms, whether that be a Mimio tablet or their whiteboard technology. This technology is old and their company has not kept up with

Staff MacBook Email #1

Greetings Prairie Hawks! I’m excited to share that we are in the works of creating a plan for a FULL certified staff and Administrator MacBook replacement. Yes, you read that correctly, if you currently have a MacBook provided by CCSD you will be getting a new MacBook Air this summer!! The technology department has decided to upgrade everyone at the same time. We are doing that for a few reasons: To have all staff on the same make/model for troubleshooting and consistency. With our current fleet, we are currently supporting 4 different versions of Mac OS which makes problem solving issues more complex. To have all staff MacBooks “managed” with our management system, so we can push OS upgrades when we have tested them, keeping web browsers updated to the newest versions automatically, etc. The new MacBook Airs have USB-C connections only, so we will also be mass replacing all adapters for connections to projectors/monitors/etc. There are a few important items to pass along