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When I leave the district - Using Google Takeout


I actually took this picture myself at a lake my family visits each summer.. quite the sunset!

Any who, this post is targeted at folks who are planning to leave the district, whether that be due to retirement or another opportunity. When you leave our district, we suspend your Google account. This usually happens after our last teacher contract day or when we are notified of you leaving the district over the summer. When the account is suspended, other users will be able to access all shared documents with your account as normal. One year after the account is suspended, the account is then deleted. Then all documents will be deleted that the user owned. Other users will no longer be able to access those shared documents and they will be gone forever. Please make sure you move any needed content to a Shared Drive that your team will need in the future. Please see this POST on how to do that. 

If you want to copy any or all of your "content" "see Google docs and email", you'll want to use Google Takeout This will copy all of your things to another Google account. You'll want to have a personal Gmail account ready when you go through this process. Depending on the number of documents, etc.. it can take some time so you'll want to have your computer plugged in when you do it. 

If you're reading this and going to use it, please know I wish you the best in whatever you are moving to, retirement, a new job, or whatever!


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  We recently signed an agreement with a company called KnowBe4 . They are an internet safety company that provides training resources, safety testing, and more. So far this year, we've done two phishing campaigns for all adult users of crpairie email. Phishing is a intrusive way that hackers try to access information into a system, so an email that may ask to verify a username and password, or one that provides a link to click that can compromise an email account. A big thank you to so many of you that have alerted the Technology Team of these emails. A bit of data for you,    Less than 8% of users actually fell for the last phishing campaign. The fact that over 92% of users passed the test is tremendous! Our goal as we move forward is to continue to decrease the amount of testing failures through awareness and training.  One of the tools that KnowBe4 provides is a phish alert button built into Gmail for Google Chrome. Later today, we will push that out to all adult users.  As par

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I'm not sure if you've heard or not, but there will be some changes coming to phone dialing in our area. Here's an ARTICLE from the Cedar Rapids Gazette talking about the upcoming changes. Here's another ARTICLE from SouthSlope, who's our phone provider about upcoming changes, etc.  So, what does this mean for us here at CCSD and our phone system? Beginning 4/24/21 you can use the 10 digit for local numbers on all phones in the district. If the number is long distance, you will still need to start with the 1+area code for those calls and they will only work on phones set up for long distance.  Any local numbers stored on district phones or fax machines will need to be updated to the 10 digit calling number. As it mentions in the SouthSlope article, there is a grace period from 4/24 until 10/24/21 for users to make this change. I would recommend making these changes now as to not forget about them in the future.