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Shared Drives - when folks leave our district

At this time of year, we see some staff leave our district. We know that happens for a variety of reasons, spouse job change, moving to administration, etc... In preparation for that, I'd like to send a friendly reminder about shared Google Docs. When a staff member leaves our district, we suspend their Google account. This usually happens after our last teacher contract day or when we are notified of the staff member leaving the district over the summer. When the account is suspended, users will be able to access all shared documents with that person's account as normal. One year after the account is suspended, the account is then deleted. Then all documents will be deleted that the user owned. Other users will no longer be able to access those shared documents. One way to work around this issue of losing shared documents is to create Shared Drives . These change ownership of documents to our domain rather than just a user. By adding multiple users to the shared drive, m

Google Hangouts Meet trouble shooting

I hope that you are doing well during this unique time in history! I can't tell you how much I miss being around our staff and students. Anyhow, we've received a few questions on some issues staff are having when accessing Hangouts Meet on their MacBook.  Charlie has created some troubleshooting steps outlined here: 1. In Chrome: Pull down the Chrome menu from the menu bar on the upper left side of your screen and choose “Preferences.” 2. A “Settings” page will open up when you do this. On the left side of the page click “Advanced” and then “System.” 3. Where it says " Use hardware acceleration when available” cllck on the slider button to the right of that to turn off hardware  acceleration and then click the relaunch button. If this doesn’t seem to work well for you  i t is also possible to use the  Firefox browser for Google Meet sessions. To download the latest version of Firefox go to the following link: firefox/