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Prairie Email - who has access?

 Greetings CCSD staff, We are working on implementing a change in regards to who has a crprairie email. In the past, we have given emails to Grantwood staff, Tanager staff, and a few other close supports. We are slowly moving to removing staff who are NOT employees of CCSD's emails.  One start to that is all NEW Grantwood employees will not get emails for CCSD. We are adding their @gwaea email address to our building staffall distribution lists for each building they support. We are not removing long time Grantwood employees emails at this time. One other change is that we are removing all Tanager staff's email addresses. They will be accessible through their tanger emails. We will also work to add their tanager emails to our  building staff all lists.  Here's a primer about how to change your gmail contacts that will be helpful as you navigate this change: As al