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News Flash!!

  As the end of the year 2020 draws ever closer, we in the tech department felt it necessary to deliver this breaking news. Adobe Flash player is reaching end-of-life December 31, 2020 Literally, it's news about something that will be breaking. Is this cause for panic? Y2K, delayed by twenty years?? Not at all! However, this may have some impact on the educational space and as such we felt it necessary to expound, educate, and elucidate somewhat on the matter. What is Flash, and why should I care? History lesson!  From the first youtube videos, to angry birds, to early online banking, flash has been a part of our lives since time immemorial... if time immemorial was, oh, say twenty years back. Adobe Flash was used as a software platform to create (at the time) innovative and interactive web experiences, from viewing flash animations and videos to playing Virtual Knee Surgeon or Dolphin Olympics 2: Fish Out of Water (You only wish I was making these names up) Chances are, if there w
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Shared Drives - when folks leave our district

At this time of year, we see some staff leave our district. We know that happens for a variety of reasons, spouse job change, moving to administration, etc... In preparation for that, I'd like to send a friendly reminder about shared Google Docs. When a staff member leaves our district, we suspend their Google account. This usually happens after our last teacher contract day or when we are notified of the staff member leaving the district over the summer. When the account is suspended, users will be able to access all shared documents with that person's account as normal. One year after the account is suspended, the account is then deleted. Then all documents will be deleted that the user owned. Other users will no longer be able to access those shared documents. One way to work around this issue of losing shared documents is to create Shared Drives . These change ownership of documents to our domain rather than just a user. By adding multiple users to the shared drive, m

Google Hangouts Meet trouble shooting

I hope that you are doing well during this unique time in history! I can't tell you how much I miss being around our staff and students. Anyhow, we've received a few questions on some issues staff are having when accessing Hangouts Meet on their MacBook.  Charlie has created some troubleshooting steps outlined here: 1. In Chrome: Pull down the Chrome menu from the menu bar on the upper left side of your screen and choose “Preferences.” 2. A “Settings” page will open up when you do this. On the left side of the page click “Advanced” and then “System.” 3. Where it says " Use hardware acceleration when available” cllck on the slider button to the right of that to turn off hardware  acceleration and then click the relaunch button. If this doesn’t seem to work well for you  i t is also possible to use the  Firefox browser for Google Meet sessions. To download the latest version of Firefox go to the following link: firefox/

MacBooks and Microsoft Office

In September, I sent out some communication that you shouldn't upgrade your staff MacBook to the newest operating system - Catalina - due to some changes that Apple is implementing with installed software. Thanks to a majority of you that followed those directions and have stayed the course for now. As we look at the future, there is one major roadblock that needs to be resolved to move forward with where Apple is going with their operating system. Microsoft Office. We have licenses for an older version of Office that will not work any longer on Apple's new operating system. Thus being the case, a decision needed to be made on what will we do... As we are a "Google School, you all have access to a free solution to do word processing, spreadsheets, etc... Google Drive, Docs and Sheets. Being that these tools are free, very operational, and collaborative, we will not be providing Microsoft Office to teaching staff unless they can demonstrate a significant need for

Follow up FAQ from Securly update

We've been getting a lot of questions about my last post and Securly Certificate installation and personal cell phones/mobile devices, so I want to provide you with a few of the more prevalent questions and answers to those.  1. Do I have to have Securly on my phone.  No, you do not have to have the Securly Certificate on your cell phone. You do not have to connect your cell phone to the CCSD network here on Campus if you don't want to. Also, if you do want to connect to the CCSD network, you should still be able to access email from a mail app (gmail, apple mail, etc) or a calendar application (Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc) from your phone without the Securly certificate installed. 2. Some of us have noticed recently that we are unable to do a search on chrome when connected to the wireless. It says connection not private or something like that. Any idea why? Will this update help?  If you want to connect to the CCSD network and do searches on Safari, Chrome, e

Securly update - Must implement to access internet on campus

We utilize Securly as our content filtering solution to meet CIPA  (Child Internet Protection Act). The version of Securly that we use is a certificate based filter and devices that want to access the internet on our Campus network need the certificate installed on the device along with authentication with your @crprairie account. Securly has issued a new certificate that must be installed on any machine that accesses the internet on our network. This must be done by January 1, 2020. So, whether that is your mobile smart phone, school issued device, or anything else. Updated certificates and installers can be found on our website here: We have already updated student Chromebooks and MacBooks for HS students. We will work with building tech staff to update iPads and MacBooks that elementary schools may have. Please reach out if you have any issues or questions!

Google Voice - update

Well, sometimes Google does great things for education and sometimes they don't... We've received a few inquires about Google Voice no longer working for folks and we want to provide an update on what we know. Google is not providing Voice accounts for G Suite users (company or school) for free any longer. We found this information from a college that has G Suite What that means, we (tech department) can't get back or help you with Google Voice any longer. If you account goes away, which they (Google) seem to be starting to deactivating accounts, we can't get them back. One thing you can do is set up a Google Voice account for a personal email and use that if you still wish to use Google Voice. This seems to still be an option for folks. Sorry we weren't able to be ahead of this, but we haven't seen anything from Google specifically outlining that a change was made...