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Internet Bandwidth

 Greetings Prairie Hawks!  As we've shared over the last 2 weeks, we're reaching our internet bandwidth cap that our firewall will allow us through during portions of days. He's a picture of our usage from the last week (notice the high usage on Wednesday, yesterday) Yesterday, as you can see in the graph, the bandwidth was very high compared to previous days. We received reports that elementary teachers could not access the required FAST system for required progress monitoring. We've tried a variety of mitigation strategies by blocking cell phones from connecting to our wireless network (Xirrus) in certain high use buildings, to blocking certain websites through our content web filter (iBoss) such as streaming media (Netflix, Disney Plus, etc).  We do have a few requests at this time. Please limit the consumption of streaming video (YouTube). If you're showing a video for student learning, show it one time on your projector screen instead of having each student str

Staff MacBook - Restart reminder

  Staff: As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of service we provide, we wanted to make you all aware of an update that we are pushing out to all staff macbooks in the near future. Experts have assured us that the possibility of this update being the harbinger of a technological apocalypse are vanishingly low. Their strange insistence upon the fact that they were human experts who like to do human things like eating food and sleeping and compiling data  was  a bit out of the blue, but other than that they seemed  very  trustworthy. When we asked who, exactly, they were... well, they sent this as proof: I, for one, trust that face implicitly. That's someone who knows their stuff! And the tie!  So dapper . Red flags aside, we ARE pushing out a policy to staff devices that will serve as a helpful reminder. This update will regularly check the uptime of your device. If the uptime exceeds 14 days, a dialog box will pop up, letting you know how long your computer has been